About me

I’m Yosuke Ueno, a postdoc researcher (JSPS PD) of Nakamura-Takase Lab at the University of Tokyo (Graduate School of Information Science and Technology). I’m a visiting researcher of Kondo-Lab at Keio University. I’m also a visiting assistant professor at System LSI Research Center, Kyushu University.

Researchmap link

Research Interest

  • Quantum computer architecture
  • Quantum error correction
  • Cryogenic computing using single flux quantum (SFQ) logic


  • [March 2, 2023] Our new perspective paper “Real-Time Decoding for Fault-Tolerant Quantum Computing: Progress, Challenges and Outlook” is now on arXiv. [link]
  • [March 1, 2023] After my stay in Munich, I returned to Japan.
  • [September 29, 2022] Our new paper “WIT-Greedy: Hardware System Design of Weighted ITerative Greedy Decoder for Surface Code” is accepted by ASP-DAC 2023.
  • [September 22, 2022] I made a presentation in Real-time decoding for FTQC workshop in IEEE Quantum week. [link], [slide]
  • [August 12, 2022] Our new preprint “NEO-QEC: Neural Network Enhanced Online Superconducting Decoder for Surface Codes” is now on arXiv. [link]
  • [June 4, 2022] My research life at Munich begins!